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    Marilyn Gist, PhD

    Google Scholar Rank: #1 at Seattle University

    Who am I?

    I taught leadership to over 2,100 managers in university executive courses - and I’ve helped hundreds of people seeking to improve their confidence and personal lives.

    And I am expert at bringing the best of science to advise and develop them. Google Scholar ranks me #1 at my university with over 16,000 citations of my published work.

    Best-selling author of The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility

    What will you gain?

    • Advice to elevate your career
    • Guidance for personal resilience
    • Insight to advance your relationships
    • Practical tools to reduce conflict
    • Tips to draw the best out of others
    • Expert insight -- pro bono

    My mission is to advance personal dignity and humility to lift your career, your life, and our world.